Our congregation is engaged in a ministry to meet, feed, and build relationships with our neighbors surrounding our church. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please prayerfully consider signing up to volunteer for one of the following roles in our Grocery Ministry.

  • Shopper:

    Shoppers purchase a list of groceries and pack them into bags. Five red bags are available in the elevator entrance for shoppers to use. Bags should be dropped off at church Saturday morning between 9:15-9:30. Turn in your receipt with your first and last name printed on top for reimbursement.

    Click here to sign up to be a SHOPPER

  • Distributor/Greeter:
    Distributors will be at the church from about 9:30-11:15. Following safety guidelines, they will help pass out food bags to guests and engage them in short conversation. Some distributors may need to walk food bags through the neighborhood for distribution if needed.

    Click here to sign up to be a DISTRIBUTOR

  • Other Options:
    If you're unable to volunteer in person, please pray for this ministry to build strong relationships with our neighbors. You may also want to consider supporting this ministry financially. Please note “Grocery Ministry” on your envelopes or checks. Thank you!

Please know that you do not have to volunteer for the entire summer. You may sign up for as many Saturdays as you wish. Click the links above to sign up or contact our project managers, Deb Sowers and Russ Kaltreider.

R3 Grocery Ministries