Having considered the reliable information available at this time and in response to the Bishops request for caution, I have decided, in accordance with Constitutional authority granted the Office of the Pastor, to suspend public worship through March 28th. On that day, Council and I will reconvene to consider what is next to protect and serve our congregation and community. Please watch your email for updates and/or changes as new, reliable information becomes available for consideration. And please advise your faith family and friends who do not have a computer for internet access. Be safe out there.

Thank you and God Bless.

Pastor Burkhart

COVID-19 Update 3/14/2020

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COVID-19 Update 3/24/2020

COVID-19 Update 3/17/2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Some are beginning to inquire about the re-opening of the church and the renewal of regularly scheduled events. As per the ongoing instructions of the President, Governor, and Bishop of the church, its serviced and all activities remain suspended until March 31st.
At that time we hope to receive updates from the responsible authorities that will inform us of any changes to the present closures. Once we know what is next we will advise you.
Until then remain calm. Stay safely indoors except for essential needs. Wash your hands, limit physical contact with others, pay attention to the possible onset of symptoms for yourselves and family, and contact your doctor as necessary.
Remember that all are being held in prayer.
If you need additional Pastoral care do not hesitate to call me. I will respond as best as I am able and within pandemic public safety guidelines.
God's Peace be with you all.
Pastor Burkhart

PLEASE NOTE: For information on updates, please call 717-637-5105. We will have updated messages on that line at all times.
For all other calls during working hours, please dial 717-637-5941.


 Services will be held as scheduled with the following changes:

1) For next two weeks, there will be no communion.

2) During the sharing of the peace, please make no physical contact with one another. You may bow, speak the peace to each other but please no touching.

3) Offering plates will be at the front of the sanctuary for you to place your offering. It will not be collected.

4) The kettle for Joyful Noise will be in the front of the sanctuary for you to deposit your coins when leaving the sanctuary.

5) Family units are asked to distance themselves from other family units.

6) Please remember to practice good hygiene – washing hands or using hand sanitizer.

7) Greeters will offer hand sanitizer as you enter the sanctuary.

8) If you are sick please do not come. Listen to the broadcast on 1280AM or 95.3FM at 8:30 am on Sunday mornings.

9) We are asking that everyone use good judgment when deciding to attend worship or any other activity. If you are not comfortable then you probably should stay home.

10) When leaving St. Paul's we again ask that everyone wash their hands with soap or water as soon as possible.

11) Faith formation classes including confirmation and events for those 18 and under are suspended until March 29th.

12) Council will be reevaluating the situation on March 28th.

13) We continue to pray for our country and the world as efforts are being done to contain COVID-19.